Innovative China in One Minute

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14:48, December 14, 2018(GTM +8)

In one minute, what happens in an innovative China?

In one minute, Augmented Reality introduces Mogao Caves in western China's Gansu Province to 4 visitors.

In one minute, 22 visitors experience the charm of the thousand-year-old Lhasa by watching the musical Princess Wencheng.

In one minute, the world's largest floating photovoltaic power station in Huainan, Anhui Province generates 285 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity.

In one minute, the automatic production workshop of Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd makes 300 bottles of traditional Chinese medicine.


In one minute, Guangdong Province produces 5 civil drones.

In one minute, the helicopter 312E produced by Harbin Aircraft Industry Group can fly 4.8 kilometers.

In one minute, 32 square meters of world-class float electronic glasses are made in Anhui Province.

In one minute, 7.9 tons of quality stainless steel is forged by Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group.

In one minute, 19.86 centimeters in depth can be drilled by the machine produced by Sichuan Province that can dig as deep as 10,000 meters.

In one minute, Liaoning-produced high-precision machine tools can complete 120,000 precise movements.


In one minute, Tianhe-3 super computer makes 60 million trillion calculations.

In one minute, big data enterprises create 209,000 yuan in GDP for Guizhou Province.

In one minute, Zhongguancun, China's Silicon Valley, generates revenues of 10.09 million yuan.

In one minute, 35 citizens in Zhejiang Province use Internet Plus government services.

In one minute, vehicles can drive 1,670 meters on Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge.

In one minute, China's homegrown maglev 2.0 moves forward by 2,667 meters.

In one minute, Oriental 1-1 natural gas field produces 90 cubic meters of gas.


In one minute, Jilin-1 video satellites observe an area of 58,908 square kilometers of the globe.

Innovation has been leading development every minute during the past 40 years of reform and opening up.

In one minute, experience the science-facilitated life.

In one minute, have a look into advanced manufacturing.

In one minute, feel the power of innovation.

In one minute, touch the pulse of development.


In one minute, see the vitality of reform.

In one minute, feel the speed of development.

In one minute, witness the moment of taking off.

"We also live at a time with an overwhelming trend toward reform and innovation."

"Innovation decides the nation's future."

"Reform concerns the nation's destiny."

An innovative China in one minute: aspiring and determined.

(Video subtitled by Wang Xiangyu)